Monday 30 January 2012

What's With da Name Eh!

Messi !!!
That’s what my wife calls me these days !!!
Yes I do enjoy Football {or soccer as thy merikhan would call it…) but I enjoy watching it on the screen. :P There was a time when I used to play Basketball & Cricket a lot. Yes, even till about a year back, I played Cricket for the organization that I worked for. But now, the only game I play very well is Golf !!!  on my Mobile !!! :P
So, why does she call me Messi then?
Do I own Golden Shoes? Nooooooooo…
Do I represent Argentina in any way? … Forget about representing, I don’t even know how to reach there?
So? Why?
From a very long time, I am an IMPERFECTIONIST … yes… Exactly opposite of Krrishh Boy … Hrithik  who is a Capricorn too… and we do have a lot of similarities… e.g. He is married to Suzane … and I am married to Smita … you see… the S is common… His hair is straight and as silky as mine ( I am not talking about the density or length) … he’s got 10 toes and even I match up to that… you see… so many similarities. So, unlike Hrithik, I am a perfectly … imperfect! My wife says, I can’t do one thing perfectly … like, when we eat food together I have to ensure that I spill the water. Or if I am filling up a water bottle, I will ensure that it’s overfilled and spilled out. The best part is that, everyday without fail, we make 3 cup tea for 2 people…. so that we don’t have to sip lesser tea…. I’m sure you’ve understood what I mean here.
Anyways, so, here is the thing. A few days back, I analyzed myself. Like my Ex-Boss, Manoj always said  that… I am very good at Self Actualization… I decided to analyze and find a solution to this imperfection.
So, right from the time my day began, I decided to be very careful about everything that I do. I ensured that I don’t spill the Tea outside the cup… I carefully filled my daughter’s Water Bottle without overfilling or spilling any water out of it. While eating breakfast, I ensured that nothing fell outside the plate. When I went to pick up my car from Service Center, I ensured that I don’t leave checking the work done and bill which I generally ignore and just pay off whatever it is… This time around, I even checked the car from each possible angle to ensure that nothing is left unattended and asked the supervisor to clean even the smallest dots or dust particles on the exterior.
So……… overall, a good Close to Perfect Day … Aah! I was so happy… I even said to myself that WOW! I can be a Perfect Man !!! with these thoughts in my head, I drove back to home from the Service Center.
I went to park my car to the usual parking place… where I have been parking my Cars since 2007. So, almost 5 years … same place… where I parked my Safari … flawlessly… and the new Manza … so far… I went ahead with the parking. But this time, I decided to park it Reverse… again, this is nothing new to me… and so I went ahead with the parking …. And Don’t know what happened, I scratched the Right Rare of my car to the Adjacent Wall …. GRRRRRRRR…. I immediately got out to see what has happened. I was so so so soooooooooo disappointed to see the big scratch on my CAR’s Rare…
L I felt so stupid. I have been so careful about this car since we’ve bought it… and this is what happens for no reason…
Huh ... … I went back home… sat down to analyze what happened… and then realized, that its Destiny!
I had to be unCareful about something today and that’s what has impacted.
Now I think, being IMPERFECT is good. So, I am not worried if I spill the Water or Tea in the morning. Atleast, rest of the day….. nothing goes wrong… you know what I mean…
Moral of the Story: Noboday is Perfect ! Respect your Imperfection !!!